Invest in Tomorrow's Stars. Today.

The proven GSV investment process allows us to identify—and then secure meaningful positions in—the companies we believe will grow at the fastest rate for the longest time.

Our mission is equally straightforward: to exceed our clients’ expectations in every respect—starting with performance.

We’re committed to developing a range of growth-oriented strategies available to all investors—accredited institutions as well as high net worth individuals.

Ultimately, our clients will have access to strategies and offerings that optimize our singular growth focus, experience, and relationships.


About Our Name

In literal terms, Silicon Valley is just a small area—less than 50 miles between San Francisco and San Jose. But its influence? To say massive would be a massive understatement.

A remarkable percentage of the most innovative and successful companies—especially high tech enterprises—call this magical region home. We’re talking trillions of dollars in market cap.

It’s the undisputed hub for up-and-comers, representing nearly half of the VC investment in all of the U.S. Yet Silicon Valley extends far beyond northern California, and even North America.

That’s where the “G” in “GSV” comes in.

It’s No Longer Simply A Spot On
The Map. It’s A Mindset.

This little region near the Bay Area has singlehandedly redefined entrepreneurism and, in many ways, business in general.

Today, “Silicon Valley” stretches around our planet—roughly 57 million square miles of land on earth. Talk about impressive growth. It represents an addiction to constant innovation. A devotion to the brightest talent. An appetite for boldness. A magnet for capital and growth investors.

It’s the ambitious pursuit of a destiny achieved by the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco, Intel, HP, and eBay—by companies that are, at present, far more humble.

And GSV exists to help them fulfill that promise.