GSV Capital

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GSV Capital is the first publicly traded security providing access to venture-backed, rapidly growing companies leading the way in their respective markets. GSVC enables all kinds of investors to access the tremendous potential of VC-backed growth companies that is created prior to public offerings. The seasoned management team, led by CEO Michael Moe, utilizes its strong Silicon Valley network, private company research, and a disciplined investment process to provide a diversified and liquid investment vehicle for the emerging growth investor.

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Top 10 Positions Representing 53.8% of total portfolio value Data as of March 31, 2016

Rank GSCV Investment Growth Theme Investment (mm) Portfolio FV (%)* Investment Thesis
1 Palantir Cloud + Big Data $46.1 14.2% Superior, highly efficient customer-specific products for fraud detection + cyber security
2 Dropbox Cloud + Big Data $19.2 5.9% Sticky, dependent model with recurring revenue
3 Spotify Social/Mobile $16.2 5.0% Social music platform
4 Coursera Education Technology $14.4 4.4% Potential to democratize education, enabling online access to the world’s best universities
5 Solexel Sustainability $14.0 4.3% Potential to become leading photovoltaic solar manufacturer in the “Solar 2.0” era
6 PayNearMe Marketplaces $14.0 4.3% Leading cash-based payments platform serving millions of un-/underbanked Americans
7 Lyft Marketplaces $13.7 4.2% On-demand ride sharing platform for friendly + affordable rides
8 Twitter Social/Mobile $13.2 4.1% High-growth model with potential significant network effects + high engagement
9 Declara Cloud + Big Data $12.0 3.7% Intelligent learning platform
10 Education Technology $12.0 3.7% Online marketplace for lifelong learning
*Including cash